Case Study

Telus Fund

In a meaningful collaboration with Telus Fund, we embarked on a project titled "The Unseen Gifts of Caregiving." This documentary series was designed to shed light on the profound and often overlooked experiences of caregivers, aiming to connect, support, and enlighten audiences about the intricacies of caregiving.

live Project


"The Unseen Gifts of Caregiving" took us on a journey across Alberta and into Saskatchewan, telling the stories of four different caregivers and those they care for. This four-part series was a deep dive into their worlds, showcasing the challenges, joys, and unspoken bonds of caregiving. Our team, from the scriptwriters to our two-man camera crew, worked diligently to set up and capture each story, ensuring we presented each narrative as authentically as possible. The hard work of our editor brought these stories to life, creating episodes that resonate with and inspire our viewers, painting a picture of caregiving that goes beyond the surface.

Achieving around 80,000 views, "The Unseen Gifts of Caregiving" successfully reached and engaged its target audience, resonating with those who have a personal connection to caregiving and intriguing others to learn more about this significant aspect of life. The series has proven its ability to not only raise awareness but also to enhance understanding and empathy for caregivers, demonstrating the power of storytelling in making a real impact. As the series continues to be viewed, it serves as a source of support and inspiration for caregivers, educating the wider audience on the vital roles they play. This project is a testament to the impact we can achieve through thoughtful and heartfelt storytelling, contributing to a broader appreciation of caregiving within our communities.