Case Study

The Town of Devon

Dive into our latest project with Devon, Alberta – a vibrant summer tourism video. This partnership was all about showcasing Devon's welcoming vibe and the adventures that make its summers unforgettable.

live Project


Our journey with Devon's Economic Tourism Officer was a deep dive into what makes this town a summer gem. Together, we developed a strategy that highlighted Devon's unique charm, from its stunning landscapes to its warm community spirit. Our team's research helped us understand exactly what draws people to Devon, guiding us to create a video that captures the essence of summer here. Through careful planning and a keen eye for detail, we brought to life the small, magical moments and the sweeping beauty of Devon, inviting viewers to see themselves in this picture-perfect summer setting.

The outcome of our summer tourism video for Devon is more than just a visual treat; it's an invitation to experience the heart of this wonderful town. By weaving together the sights, sounds, and soul of Devon, we've crafted a narrative that not only promotes the town as a top summer destination but also connects with viewers on a personal level. This video is a bridge between potential visitors and the unforgettable experiences Devon offers, highlighting the town as a place of joy, adventure, and warm welcomes waiting to be discovered.